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Welcome to the future of work

3 min readOct 30, 2020


2020 became a strange place for us all.

In some countries, unemployment has skyrocketed to 20%, or more — countries that have been traditionally wealthy, or at the forefront of society.

Yet, in these trying times, technology came to the rescue in many ways, especially teleconferencing. All around the world, from isolation, emerged invigorated inclusion and collaboration… and with it some inspiration for Jessica Baker, the founder of +Align (

Jessica looked at all the calls being made on Zoom, Skype, Hangouts and FaceTime and a simple realization bubbled to the surface: We need a better way to work.

Knowledge is priceless

Well, more accurately, knowledge is immensely valuable if experts have a way to easily monetize it and find customers.

To this end, Jessica realized: Every website is teeming with experts and people seeking advice from such experts. However, all these experts need to go elsewhere to monetize their advice and the process of scheduling and billing are not flowing or in-line.

Experts need to set up times, then go to Zoom to have the call, then bill somewhere else.

Jessica became inspired with a solution: what if every website or app can become an advisory marketplace with built-in directory listing of the experts, scheduling, and billing? …and so, the idea of +Align was born.

OK. What is, AddAlign???

Align is an embeddable and whitelabel advisor marketplace platform with built-in white-label teleconferencing, scheduling, and billing. This means it looks like your branding and runs in your own website, in a subdomain like<your_Website_URL>.com

  • No hardware requirements
  • No coding knowledge required to install or customize
  • Works on any device
  • White-Label
  • Users can Browse Advisors → Connect → Schedule →Billing →Video Teleconference!
+Align runs in your website or app, with your look and feel

Monetizing knowledge, experience and wisdom

The great thing is that it’s super affordable and we work on shared success. With +Align, website owners instantly empower experts to create profiles and bill for video calls, phone call and chat. The site owners and +Align take a small percentage of the billing, with the lion’s share earned by the experts who teach private classes or groups.

The website owners pay a very small fee each month to cover the service costs like hosting and telecommunication, starting from only $50p/m.

No more going to Zoom and similar platforms to host educations classes, and seminars or private consultations, then trying to figure out how to bill your clients. No more trying to build complicated directory listings for experts, or experts trying to find clients.

Website owners built the marketplace, and experts popularize the sites and bill for their time. Easy, peasy.

We’re looking forward to the journey with you into the future of work.

“There is a crack, a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in” -Leonard Cohen

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The Future of Work. Effortlessly turn your site into an advisor marketplace with built-in white-label teleconference, scheduling, directory listing, & billing.